About us

Shalini Ayurveda Centre offers original treatments from the medical-therapeutical tradition of Kerala. We use only Indian herbs, plants and fruits and our aim is a person's global, all-encompassing well-being.

Graziella, the center's manager, was trained in Delhi and Kerala (India), where she practiced in several traditional clinics recognized by the Indian government. Her field of study and work include the following branches: diabetes, obesity, anorexia, nervous system, headaches, tinnitus, ear infections and sinusitis, dermatitis, respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, menstrual disorders, addictions, stress/burnout, infertility treatment (pre and post-natal), regeneration of cellular tissues.

Before opening her centre, Graziella had her own Ayurveda studio at the Sant'Anna clinic (Sorengo), where she worked together with the head phsician.

The centre was build using only natural products (douglas tree, stone pine, hemp, clay, …) and traditional building techniques coming from various parts such as the Canton of Grisons and Morocco.

Pavillon and the benefits of the building’ structure, place of treatment

The clay minerals have the ability to concentrate the energy and to release it afterwards: also acts as a heat accumulator which ensures an optimal interior climate, absorbing and releasing humidity.
The wood rends a very pleasant scent that helps breathing and fights against respiratory diseases.

Curiosity: clay filters in a perfect way the impurities and toxins lied in the air.

The natural therapies of Panchakarma are recognized by Cassa Malati EGK.